Riderflow Reviews the DBX 3.0 All Mountain Helmet

Born and bred in Africa, Leatt have been at the forefront of motoX protection since birth and from my experience with the DBX 3.0 AM helmet, they’re doing the same in the mountain biking world. I may be biased as a fellow South African but I have slowly but surely been turned into a Leatt […]

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Singletracks reviews the Leatt DBX 3.0 All-Mountain Helmet

“Leatt has a real winner with the DBX 3.0 All-Mountain helmet. It looks good, breathes well, and fits great.” I first came across Leatt’s new DBX 3.0 helmet at Interbike last year, and I was immediately drawn to the Ninja Turtle-esque matte green and orange colorway. Leatt offers two versions of the DBX 3.0 helmet: one is the Enduro […]

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Best of June: Top Videos from the Month

We encountered (and created) a number of awesome videos this month! Sit back, relax and enjoy these! Jonny Walker takes on Erzbergrodeo 2017 Get inside Jonny Walker ‘s mind as he takes on the 2017 Erzbergrodeo 2. 5 Questions for Bernard Kerr – Part 1 We asked pro downhill athlete Bernard Kerr a handful of […]

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Mountain Bike Action tests the DBX 3.0 All Mountain Helmet

New Impact Technology for Every RiderNew Impact Technology for Every Rider Between the price, comfortable fit and subtle shell size, we were impressed with the DBX 3.0 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any type of trail rider. Helmet technology was slow to change until the last couple years, with brands like MIPS and […]

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Pinkbike Reviews Leatt DBX 2.0 X-Flow

Men’s Mountain Biking Gloves The right glove for you… It boils down to two things: fit and style. Fit: Gloves, like shoes, have a number of different sizing standards, from S, M, L, and so on, to different Euro and US versions of numerical sizing (7, 8, 9, etc). But all of these are derived […]

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VitalMTB takes First Look at Leatt DBX 3.0 All-Mountain Helmet

“All in all, Leatt’s new DBX 3.0 includes a wide range of useful features while also integrating some innovative protection technology.” Unfortunately, crashing is part of the game when it comes to progressing as mountain bikers. When it comes to your noggin, safety is paramount. Based in South Africa, Leatt got their start way back in 2001 […]

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The Loam Wolf Reviews Leatt DBX 3.0 AM Helmet

Leatt’s new DBX 3.0 helmet is finally here and is aimed at the aggressive trail and all mountain rider. With other helmets already on the market, the DBX 3.0 rounds out Leatt’s line by offering a quality lid for the ever-growing trail segment. Beginning with their neck braces many years ago, Leatt has garnered quite a […]

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Spark Bike Reviews Leatt DBX 3.0 All-Mountain Helmet

The Leatt DBX 3.0 MTB Helmet features an impenetrable, head protection design. It has been tested thoroughly by Leatt engineers, but now it was my turn to be subject to its style and defence. The DBX 3.0’s speciality in sport, is simply for all mountain riders. That means Trail and especially Enduro riders. With the […]

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Engearment reviews Leatt DBX 3.0 All-Mountain Helmet

What makes a really nice mountain bike helmet? Job number one should be safety. Two, it should fit well. Three, it should have good features. And four, it should look awesome. The new Leatt DBX 3.0 AM ticks all of those boxes. Leatt DBX 3.0 AM Features Leatt includes some unique and awesome features in […]

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