The ScienceOf Thrill

There is that moment when it all pays off.

When you take yourself completely by surprise. It’s usually an all or nothing moment. In a heartbeat you weigh up… throw caution to the wind… and commit.

In a heartbeat. When it doesn’t work, it’s sore. To body, bike and ego. But when it does, it’s glorious. It’s why you do this. Total euphoria. At this moment you are truly invincible and nothing else matters. Every cell in your body screams with delight, adrenalin sparkles through your body and you are momentarily free from every earthly trapping known to man.


What OurAthletes Say

Thank you to all you people at Leatt Protectives. My 7 year old took a nasty crash in his 4th moto last night. I feel confident that he wouldn’t have walked away from this one without his Leatt vest. Pretty much destroyed the vest, but other than being a little sore he walked away just…

Adam Watkins

I injured my knee for the first time roughly ten years ago, which resulted in an complete ACL reconstruction. Then, three years ago I did further damage to the same knee while I was playing action cricket. This resulted in an operation, as my meniscus had to be stitched. During this operation, the doctor noticed…

Jean-Paul Friederich

I ride at a local bike park (Duthie Hill) and am an advanced (black, double black diamond) freeride biker. I just purchased the new Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V2 in part to have the additional face protection from the chin bar, but also the great fit and the light weight (note: my full DH helmet…

Steve K

Too many incidents to count! When you go down hard and you stand up with no pain but know you landed hard on or near the knee you know the brace did its job! I had to replace the patella cap a couple months back due to a hard fall. Zero damage to my knee.…

Ryan Young

 There is a 110 foot gap jump on this track that I was hitting perfect all day and the next lap around my foot fell off the peg on the take off, 15feet in the air, I was bounced off the bike.  Hi Leatt, My name is Tyler and I was in a terrible motocross…

Tyler Wiggins



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