The ScienceOf Thrill

There is that moment when it all pays off.

When you take yourself completely by surprise. It’s usually an all or nothing moment. In a heartbeat you weigh up… throw caution to the wind… and commit.

In a heartbeat. When it doesn’t work, it’s sore. To body, bike and ego. But when it does, it’s glorious. It’s why you do this. Total euphoria. At this moment you are truly invincible and nothing else matters. Every cell in your body screams with delight, adrenalin sparkles through your body and you are momentarily free from every earthly trapping known to man.


What OurAthletes Say

I just wanted to write to Leatt to tell you about how highly I rate your products. I started wearing a neck brace around 3 years ago following an accident while out on my local DH trails which really frightened me.  I hit a big step up I hadn’t hit in a while and went…

Kierin Brogan

I’d just like to thank all at Leatt for the brilliant support provided by the STX neck brace, as it meant I was able to walk away from a severe crash at Scunthorpe Speedway with only a broken wrist, despite taking a massive blow to the head and neck (enough to seriously damage my helmet!).…

Reece Downes

I was in the home stretch of a 250 mile off-road race this past Saturday, as it was the first race of the new season defending last year’s SCORE International Off-Road World Professional Motorcycle Championship. About one mile from the finish, a spectator drove their truck past the police barricades and onto the racecourse heading…

Paul Thomas

Nobody (myself included) could believe that I had walked off the track. I was racing the second moto of Open C when my throttle stuck wide open. Because of the engine characteristics of my motorcycle and how quickly it happened, I was unable to recover fast enough to keep from crashing. The motorcycle looped out,…

Elijah Hovorka

During the crash, my head went all the way back but my Leatt stopped it before it went too far back. On March 23rd, 2013 Marvin Musquin won the Lites class at the Toronto Supercross. What you probably don’tm know is that he had this horrible crash earlier in the day, a crash that without…

Marvin Musquin



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