The ScienceOf Thrill

There is that moment when it all pays off.

When you take yourself completely by surprise. It’s usually an all or nothing moment. In a heartbeat you weigh up… throw caution to the wind… and commit.

In a heartbeat. When it doesn’t work, it’s sore. To body, bike and ego. But when it does, it’s glorious. It’s why you do this. Total euphoria. At this moment you are truly invincible and nothing else matters. Every cell in your body screams with delight, adrenalin sparkles through your body and you are momentarily free from every earthly trapping known to man.


What OurAthletes Say

I went off the lip two inches too far to the left and missed the landing by about 3 feet I went to Interbike in Las Vegas in September of 2014 , and on the way back my friends and I decided to stop at the old Red Bull Rampage site. There is a jump…

Sterling Petersen

I purchased a Leatt 5.5 helmet a year ago after researching the best helmets you can buy. I wanted it for the safety and the airflow it provided. I race off-road in the Pro class, and last weekend I was racing on a high spend section. I was probably doing 80mph on a single track,…

Matty Cee

The Leatt Brace saved me from a broken neck in 2010! I was racing Ponca City the week before Loretta’s and went over the bars in a small rhythm section. I went over so fast that my knees trapped by arms behind the bars and I couldn’t put my arms out to break my fall.…

Matt Tedder Sr

I injured my knee for the first time roughly ten years ago, which resulted in an complete ACL reconstruction. Then, three years ago I did further damage to the same knee while I was playing action cricket. This resulted in an operation, as my meniscus had to be stitched. During this operation, the doctor noticed…

Jean-Paul Friederich

My name is Kyle Zirbes, I’m 18 years old and live in central Minnesota. On June 28th I was racing in Mora Minnesota, at Berm Benders Raceway. It was the first moto of 250c (we were the 19th race of the day the track was very rough), and I was in 6th place passing for…

Kyle Zirbes



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