The ScienceOf Thrill

There is that moment when it all pays off.

When you take yourself completely by surprise. It’s usually an all or nothing moment. In a heartbeat you weigh up… throw caution to the wind… and commit.

In a heartbeat. When it doesn’t work, it’s sore. To body, bike and ego. But when it does, it’s glorious. It’s why you do this. Total euphoria. At this moment you are truly invincible and nothing else matters. Every cell in your body screams with delight, adrenalin sparkles through your body and you are momentarily free from every earthly trapping known to man.


What OurAthletes Say

Having had a back crash without a neck brace and slightly slipping my C1 and C2 before I always ride my downhill bike with a Leatt so it’s nice to be told by a doctor that it worked! Having had a back crash without a neck brace and slightly slipping my C1 and C2 before…

Andrew L

The sled and I tumbled for a bit and after the snow settled, I was able to get back up, close up my sled, and continue the race. To everyone at Leatt, I would like to say thank you for providing me with a superior product that protected me from major neck damage. I cross country race…

Craig R.

As I finally approached Chelsy I had a huge sigh of relief because she was sitting up and holding her arm. Wow! Went thru my mind. The Leatt neck brace just saved my daughter’s life. My daughter Chelsy and I went for a day of practice at Wheeler Mx Park in Wheeler WI. We did…

John and Chelsy Wisniewski

I want to thank you for making safety equipment that not only saved my life, but I believe played a critical role in me functioning properly today. I have been wearing the DBX neck brace since 2014, due to how comfortable and light the brace is. Over the years I took a few spills, nothing…

Michael Grischenko

Nobody (myself included) could believe that I had walked off the track. I was racing the second moto of Open C when my throttle stuck wide open. Because of the engine characteristics of my motorcycle and how quickly it happened, I was unable to recover fast enough to keep from crashing. The motorcycle looped out,…

Elijah Hovorka



Our LeattAthletes

Stefan Garlicki
Downhill MTB
Marvin Musquin
Jelle van Gorkom
Emilie Siegenthaler
Downhill MTB
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Mountain Biking
Joe Smith
Downhill MTB
Carolin Gehrig
Mountain Biking
Antoine Bizet
Freeride MTB
Tyler McCaul
Downhill MTB
Teal Stetson-Lee
Mountain Biking


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