The ScienceOf Thrill

There is that moment when it all pays off.

When you take yourself completely by surprise. It’s usually an all or nothing moment. In a heartbeat you weigh up… throw caution to the wind… and commit.

In a heartbeat. When it doesn’t work, it’s sore. To body, bike and ego. But when it does, it’s glorious. It’s why you do this. Total euphoria. At this moment you are truly invincible and nothing else matters. Every cell in your body screams with delight, adrenalin sparkles through your body and you are momentarily free from every earthly trapping known to man.


What OurAthletes Say

My 12-year-old son was racing at a Loretta’s qualifier in Richland, WA. He blew through a turn and was flipping through the air. He landed on his head first and then flipped onto his side. His Leatt neck brace saved his neck. The brace broke in four different places, but he didn’t have any neck…

Travis Christensen

I was riding in the mountains of Montana with my two buddies Jason Lavigne and Eric Nelson. It was almost dusk and I was clipping along pretty good and the next thing I know I get knocked off my bike backwards. I got up and I felt light headed. Then Jason and Eric show up…

Todd Breth

My son too had an accident that made for lesser injuries because of his Leatt Neck brace and other safety equipment. The accident happened at The Bridgestone Nationals at Penybont, during the 3rd lap of the second race on Saturday 1st August 2015. Lloyd was pulling through after a bad start and was in around…

Tracy Thomas

As a parent I just happened to catch my youngest son, Cole Coker #7 50CC 8 years old, crash on video and thought we should share so other parents can actually see how much the Leatt can help prevent your child from serious injury. A few years ago I started my next chapter in life…

Erik Coker

Kaden Woodie was racing in Deadwood SD when the accident happened. His recovery is going well, he has gotten back to riding and racing and is very thankful for the FXR Mobile Medical Team, and especially Dr Parsons. He returned to racing three weeks after his crash in NY this past weekend Here are some…

Kaden Woodie



Our LeattAthletes

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