Helmet GPX 6.5 Carb V16 Carbon/Orange


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Super Lightweight Carbon Off-Road Head and Brain Protection

The Leatt GPX Carbon helmet is extremely lightweight and integrates 360 ̊ Turbine Technology with Armourgel® cushioning material. Ten turbines made of this 3D molded Armourgel® are set inside the helmet. Flexible in their natural state, the turbines harden upon impact, so the faster or harder you fall, the better it works. This helps with brain and rotation safety and reduces the head impact at concussion level by up to 30% and the rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to 40%. The helmet is also equipped with a breakaway visor that reduces rotation in a crash.

All of the above is paired with 3D in-molded V-foam and a smaller shell size. It was also designed with comfort in mind and is therefore very ventilated – even at very low speeds. The GPX Carbon helmet is the latest, lighter innovation that has been added to the Leatt helmet range.


  • 360° Turbine Technology
    • Reduces up to 30% of head impact at concussion level
    • Reduces up to 40% of rotational acceleration to head and brain
    • Turbines are made of 3D molded Armourgel® that helps absorb impact forces
  • Reduced Outer Shell Volume
    • Shell is 10% smaller, transferring up to 20% less rotational forces to the neck, head and brain
  • 3D In-Molded V-Foam
    • Multi-density, V-shaped impact foam molded to the outer shell significantly reduces G-forces transferred to the head and brain
    • Increased absorption, slimmer and a stiffer structure than normal helmet foam
  • Optimal Neck Brace Compatibility
    • Specially designed helmet features and shape to take full advantage of the Leatt® neck brace design
    • Rear hyperextension impact platform with neck brace optimized shape
  • Quattro Force Control
    • Carbon matrix reduced outer volume shell in three sizes
  • Maximized Ventilation
    • Effective even at very low speeds
    • Optimized for off-road racing
  • Visor with breakaway function for rotational reduction in a crash
  • Low friction cheek pads for emergency removal
  • Hydration ready (with optional hands-free kit)
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-odor and washable liner (using zinc pyrithion)
  • Certified and tested
    • DOT+ECE
  • Lightweight and premium protection
    • Weight: from 1.270g (2.80lbs)
  • Sizing
    • #XS (53-54cm – 20 ¾ - 21 ¼")
    • #S (55-56cm – 21 5/8 - 22")
    • #M (57-58cm – 22 ½ - 22 ¾")
    • #L (59-60cm – 23 ¼ - 23 5/8")
    • #XL (61-62cm – 24 – 24 ½")
    • #XXL (63-64cm – 24 ¾ - 25 1/5")

Part Number For Offline Orders:

Carb/Org #XS: 1017110010
Carb/Org #S: 1017110011
Carb/Org #M: 1017110012
Carb/Org #L: 1017110013
Carb/Org #XL: 1017110014
Carb/Org #XXL: 1017110015

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